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Home & Kitchen Tips

👉Burning a ring of onion will chase away flies in the kitchen

For bed linen and pillows to smell nice put baby powder it helps.

👉When you pick veggies from the garden put them in salty water for 5 minutes snails, aphids, worms etc will fall away,

When cooking meat put a teaspoon of margarine so that it doesn't overflow when boiling even when you close the pot.

👉A little bit of cooking oil and lemon juice, shake until it's mixed it will make your furniture shine just like Mukwa oil.

👉When cooking beans and you are putting soup add a little vinegar and tomato sauce and boil. U won't have bloated stomach.

👉Put vinegar in your bath water once per week especially those with bad body odour. You will be fresh.

👉Those with cracked feet put a ripe tomato then scrub afterwards they will disappear

If you see your electric kettle becoming yellow or brown at the bottom boil some water a bit then put bicarbonate of soda the stains will disappear fast.

👉If you want to clean black suede shoes and you don't have suede cleaner you can use vinegar.

👉When cooking tripe (cow intestines) cut some onions and put inside thn add a little cooking oil to get rid of flies and add salt so that it doesn't overflow and pour in a spoon of vinegar to avoiding coagulating while eating.

👉When cooking fish put a vegetable leaf at the bottom n place e fish on top. The fish won't stick to the pot.

👉When u see a black pot changing colour put jik or vinegar n fill with water then leave overnight.

👉If there is anyone with fungi between the toes or fingers put a little vinegar once a day, not those anti fungal powder. The toes will dry up very quickly.

If you don't want your seasoning cubes to get soft and start bringing out water....add garri to the container where you put your seasoning cubes. It wilk remain strong and fresh.

 Don't throw away your left over pounded yam. Dry it and crush it. After its dried then use it to eat beans....its a great taste..

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