1 sheet of puff pastry

200 grams of sugar

180 ml of water

cinnamon stick

320 ml of liquid cooking cream

6 egg yolks

49 gr of cornmeal

Icing sugar



1. We will start our Portuguese pastel de nata recipe by rolling out the puff pastry. We will cut it with a glass or a pasta cutter in a round shape and in equal pieces. It should be the same diameter as a muffin or cupcake to better fit the mold. We will reserve them once we have them cut.

2. In a bowl, mix the yolks with the cornmeal, we will use the manual rods to give volume to the dough.

3. In a casserole we will heat the cream a little. This step is important because it will help make the pastels de nata creamier. We cannot forget that it is the main ingredient, its flavor must be above the others. We will not let it boil, we will simply heat it up.

4. We will add the hot cream to the yolks. Little by little preventing the egg from curdling. We will take the mixture to the fire until it gains consistency, but without getting too hot.

5. It is time to take the pieces of puff pastry. We will grease a muffin tray with a little butter. On top we will place the puff pastry.

6. We will fill up to half the mold with the cream, yolks and cornmeal filling that we have just made.

7. In a saucepan we will prepare a syrup with sugar, water and cinnamon sticks, when it is ready. We will put it on top of the filling. He will be in charge of crowning some delicious pastels de nata.

8. We will put the cream cakes in the oven, they must be preheated to about 200ΒΊ and bake them for 20 minutes, which will be enough to have this star dessert. You can sprinkle them with a little icing sugar and accompany them with a good cup of chocolate.

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