You need to:

°Spaghetti pasta bag

°Egg: 1 (large)

°Milk: cup 1 2

°Garlic salt: 1 tsp

°Sugar: 1 tsp

°Thyme: 1 tsp

°Basil: teaspoon

°Beef: 1 2 kg

°Sausage: 1 2 kg

°Spaghetti sauce

°Tomato juice spoon

°Mozzarella cheese: 2 cups (grated)

°decoration; fresh basil


1. First, set the oven structure to 350 degrees.

2. It is important to boil spaghetti pasta as directed at the end of the package.

3. Be sure to whisk the eggs, milk and salt in a large bowl while cooking the spaghetti.

4. At this point, drain the pasta in the water, add the egg mixture and mix well.

5. Place spaghetti pasta in a ghee-greased saucepan. Leave to prepare and place in the oven.

6. Cook beef, sausages, sugar, oregano and basil in a large skillet over medium heat until meat is cooked.

7. Once finished, drain the mixture and mix well in the spaghetti sauce and add a spoonful of tomato sauce.

8. Immediately put the mixture on the pasta in the pan, put the pan in the oven for about 15 minutes.

9. Sprinkle cheese and fresh basil on top, cook for another 15 minutes.

10. Finally, cool a few minutes before serving, then garnish with chopped basil.


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