Creamy Maja Blanca ​


Creamy Maja Blanca ​


4 serving containers​


2 packs NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream 250ml​

4 cups water​

2 cups condensed milk​

4 cups coconut milk​

2 cups cream-style corn​

1 ½ cups cornstarch​

3 tbsp vegetable oil​

2 cups grated cheese​


1) Combine NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream, water, condensed milk, coconut milk, cream-style corn, and cornstarch in a heavy-bottom pot. Mix well with a spatula.​

2) Bring to a gentle simmer while continuously stirring, making sure nothing is sticking at the bottom and on the sides. Cook until very thick but still spreadable.​

3) Brush 4 clean serving containers with oil. Pour Maja Blanca mixture and spread evenly. Grate cheese on top and serve. ​

Note: Choices of toppings for Maja Blanca include toasted coconut, latik, bottled jackfruit, or whole canned corn kernels.

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