No bake cheese cake in a glass


No bake cheese cake in a glass

Recipe ✍️

1 packet tennis biscuits crushed 

500g cream cheese 

250g fresh cream 

1/4 cup icing sugar 

2 tbsp melted butter 

2 tbsp gelatin

4 tbsp boiling water 

1 tsp vanilla extract 

Melt butter, stir in crushed biscuits, 

Spoon biscuits into each glass

Mix boiling water with gelatine, stir until gelatine dissolves, cool slightly.



Whip fresh cream into stiff peaks about 3 minutes 

In another bowl beat cream cheese, icing sugar, vanilla together until smooth and creamy 

Fold gelatine mixture and whipped cream into the cheese cake mixture until combined, using electric whisk or spatula

Evenly spoon or pipe using a piping bag about 1/2 cup of filling into each serving glass

Spoon topping and garnishes on top of fillin

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